The tickets will go on sale in June at a price of 10 euros and you will receive a raffle ticket and 10 euros to play at the casino.

A Harley Davidson Street Bob to win.

2,000 Maximum Tickets.

Principles :

  • There are only 2000 participation tickets, ie with 2 tickets you have a 1 in 1000 chance of winning!
  • Tickets can be purchased from this Thursday at the cafes “Le France” and “Le Décibel 90”, soon the restaurant / brewery “Le Cosma” on the Place Albert and the “Grand Casino de Dinant”.
  • From 17.00 H, Friday, September 13 or perhaps before a point of sale of these tickets will be organized in a chalet immediately next to our tent until Sunday 15 Sep at 12.00 H.
  • By buying € 10 the participation card, to be validated, this card must be presented at the Casino de Dinant, Boulevard des Souverains 300 meters away.
  • At the Casino, upon presentation of your purchased card and your identity card, you will receive a superb raffle participation token and a € 10 credit voucher for Casino slot machines.
  • In short, the Dinant Casino will reimburse you for your participation card in play credits, valid until December 2019, so if you do not win the bike, you can try your luck at slot machines.
  • To remove the prize, the winner must present this purchased card and the corresponding token.
  • It is imperative to validate your tickets at the Casino before Sunday, September 15 at 12.00 h.
  • The gains from this operation, if any, will be reserved for charities.

It’s up to you to evaluate your chances.