Dear friends and biker friends,
At the time of this photo taken on January 19, 2020 with the senior officials of our Brother Eagles Club, and the authorities of the Communal College led by our Bourgmestre Tixhon: after our discussions, all together we agreed to present you a Dinant festival Motorcycle Days in line with the one you experienced in 2019! See even more exceptional… while keeping a well assured control…
But at the time of this photo, we still weren’t very familiar with the coronavirus. Now 6 months later, you know the real evolution! Who would’ve believed that ?
This July 28, 2020, the day after the measures taken to stem the scourge, with death in the soul, I must communicate it to you: we must definitively abandon the hope of organizing our 2020 Festival, even orchestrated with a host of security measures.
We have to face the facts, our organization does not happen overnight. We were ready.
But the real implementation begins during this period, with the commitment of sums of money that are not to be sneezed at for such an event of 3 days and 2 nights, almost continuous! At this point, we have to say: STOP because the news does not allow us to have certain visibility!
Why did we wait until the last moment?
Because by definition, we are always filled with hope, especially since we are well aware that this very difficult decision will impact the associations of the underprivileged that we want to help, through our statutes. But we will not let them down .. we will find solutions …
If I am writing these words to you that I am asking you to relay, it is to warn the many peddlers who continually phone us to have a stand. We were going to have wonderful stands this year! Also to warn those Biker Clubs, with magnificent hearts, who offer to join us in order to have the pleasure, with us, of having fun and that the benefits of these amusements be reserved for those who cannot.
We are deeply moved because the situation is complicated, but the security advocated is what is most important to us.
On the other hand: for the one and incredible Messe Rock, the ax has not yet fallen!
Indeed, we will be in the open air! If you remain seated wisely on your motorcycles, social distance will be respected … So many arguments “for”, but to date, the forecasts are not optimistic, and the “against” is very present!
How much will we be able to gather in front of this famous church in Leffe on Sunday, September 13?
Difficult to answer! But if we have to limit the number of participants, refuse the participation of some: we might as well not organize anything! The Brother Eagles do not want to deny you your assistance at this public event. It is also our spirit: “All together, or no one!”
With you, all together once again, we will follow the evolution of this scourge, and in a month we will know how to better assess it, and whether or not to propose the organization of this unique Rock Mass. For the latter to get organized, no pun intended: it will take a miracle !!!
in any case, we want to reassure you because we have set an appointment for you in 2021, this will be the anniversary of our 20th concentration, 22nd Mass, and 27 years of the existence of our Club!
But what a reunion it will be, what revenge! Especially since the vaccine which is being studied now will have killed this virus which will have done so much damage next year!
So, all of you, biker friends, when you see some oblivious people who don’t want to obey the security measures, go find them, from the Brother Eagles and tell them to stand up, because you want that. the security measures are relaxed to be able to attend their incredible Mass in Dinant on September 13, 2020, it may still be possible… although!
Everyone’s effort will be important to be able to organize it!
Phil Francois
President Club International
Brother eagles